The youth unemployment rate in South Africa... 

We BELIEVE in empowering communities to uplift themselves by creating community jobs for youth to work as Literacy or Sport coaches in primary schools thus ensuring everyone has access to quality education and sporting opportunities.

Bringing Rugby  

Only 5% of our public schools in South Africa have access to rugby facilities.... EduSport employs youth coaches from the community to bring basic coaching to young learners. Our coaches are trained in the following... 

Safety course 

coaching children

level 1 coach 

Bringing Literacy 

In partnership with Masinyusane, our Jobs initiative hires local youth, trains them in projects with proven methodologies, and unleashes them as assistants working in their local schools. We currently have 15 local youth running one-on-two literacy sessions with children across four of our primary schools. The pride these youth, all of whom were previously unemployed, take in being a part of uplifting their own schools and children is impossible to overstate.